Therapeutic Narrative Illness writing and the quest for healing

Beyond Bayonetta s Barbie Body

혼톨로지 음악 경향의 매체적 특성과 그 미학

Maturing the Old: Sophie s Journey towards Self-Recognition in Howl s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Irrational exuberance

The common sense book of baby and child care

From Novel to Film: Claude Chabrol s adaptations of Ruth Rendell s A Judgement in Stone (La Ceremonie) And The Bridesmaid (La Demoiselle d Honneur

The invention of craft

Emotion science cognitive and neuroscientific approaches to understanding human emotions

Reflection in service learning: Making meaning or experience

Emotion science cognitive and neuroscientific approaches to understanding human emotions

Emotion science cognitive and neuroscientific approaches to understanding human emotions

Assessment of course-based undergraduate research experiences: a meeting report

Energy and the making of modern California

William Fairbairn-experimental engineer and mill-builder

Clatsop County: Natural hazard mitigation plan

Urban transportation planning in the United States: an historical overview

The National Park Service at 100

Phenotypic Diversity of Puccinia helianthi (Sunflower Rust) in the United States from 2011 and 2012

Grassland plants of South Dakota and the northern Great Plains


Bridgit s Iowa: the immigrant experience for Irish women in the hawkeye state, 1840-1900

Grassland plants of South Dakota and the northern Great Plains

A completions guide book to shale-play development: A review of successful approaches toward shale-play stimulation in the last two decades

Identifying and prioritizing greater sage-grouse nesting and brood-rearing habitat for conservation in human-modified landscapes

The small grains field guide

A guide to the trees of Utah and the Intermountain West

Common Core, informational texts, and the historical (mis) representations of Native Americans within trade books

The Effectiveness of Sex Offender Residency Restrictions in Alabama and Oklahoma: Are We Preventing Crime in the Heart of Dixie and the Sooner State

A fungal symbiont of the redbay ambrosia beetle causes a lethal wilt in redbay and other Lauraceae in the southeastern United States

Diagnosis and management of tickborne rickettsial diseases: Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichioses, and anaplasmosis—United States

A census of marine biodiversity knowledge, resources, and future challenges

Implications of repeated trinexapac-ethyl applications on Kentucky bluegrass

The Mid-Atlantic Region and its climate: past, present, and future

The pest ants of Louisiana: a guide to their identification, biology and control

Late Triassic tectonic history of northeastern United States

ArtReach Pre-Visit Packet: James Castle: Idaho Artist (1900-1977

Go in Peace. But Go

The Final Temple

An incarnational engaged worship and spirituality

Land, Rest Sacrifice: Ecological Reflections on the Book of Leviticus

Búsqueda de Dios en el misterio según X. Zubiri

Going for broke: The fate of farm workers in arid South Africa

The World and Joseph Smith

The Chosen Peoples of the 11th and 21st Centuries

The evolution and extinction of the dinosaurs

The evolution and extinction of the dinosaurs

1920 Antwerp Olympic Games

1920 Antwerp Olympic Games

Literary Serial Killer Fiction: The Evolution of a Genre

If you sing me a lullaby I will sing you a song about war: exhibition report presented in partial fulfillment for the degree of Master of Maori Visual Art 2013

Mobilizing charity: non‐uniformed voluntary action during the First World War

The sexually sadistic serial killer

A Holmes and Doyle Bibliography, Volume 3: Periodical Articles circa 1994-2010, Alphabetical Listing

Biomechanics of diarthrodial joints: a review of twenty years of progress

The new WHO classification and recent results in soft tissue tumor pathology

The new WHO classification and recent results in soft tissue tumor pathology

Standardization of diagnostic immunohistochemistry: literature review and geisinger experience

Flying Dutchman

Navigating the Transatlantic threshold: James Fenimore Cooper and the revolutionary Atlantic

Sex, Death, Dickens, and the Early American Musical

Theatrical and Meta-theatrical Elements in Some Whodunits by Agatha Christie and Ngaio Marsh

Charles Dickens, The Christmas Books, Popular Taste, and Robert Browning s Verse Tragedy A Blot on the Scutcheon (1842-43

Missed cues: music in the American spoken theater c. 1935-1960

The role of possessions in constructing and maintaining a sense of past

Irish historical statistics: population, 1821-1971

Performing masculine perfection: Eugen Sandow s american male ideal

Performing masculine perfection: Eugen Sandow s american male ideal

Contradictory transformations: observations on the intellectual dynamics of South African universities

Multi-agent systems: an introduction to distributed artificial intelligence

Patterns of weight loss and supplement consumption of male wrestlers in Tehran

Whatever Happened to the Type 45

Laughing at leaders (American politicians especially

Gospel Doctrine

Sales system of the steel industry

Sales system of the steel industry

An engineering approach to computer networking: ATM networks, the Internet, and the telephone network

Total Design: managing the design process in the service sector

Designing quality databases with IDEF1X information models

Simultaneous detection of optogalvanic and fluorescence signals in a uranium hollow-cathode lamp

Geochemical database of feed coal and coal combustion products (CCPs) from five power plants in the United States

Dielectric-barrier discharges. Principle and applications

Flexible electronics: materials and device fabrication

The Wonder of Nanotechnology: Quantum Optoelectronic Devices and Applications

Urban Development in the Niagara Fruit Belt

The Parthenon, July 16, 2015

Forever young

African American literature: Books to stoke dreams

From Boots to books: Applying Schlossberg s model to transitioning American veterans

Touching All the Bases--safe at First and Secure at Home

Transforming the image of black masculinity in the NBA: A rhetorical analysis of the NBA Cares Program

I Like Reading, but I Like Reading what I Like: A White Teacher; s Autoethnographic Journey into the Literacy Lives of Black Female Adolescent Readers

Planet Friendly Eating Activities

Challenging heterotopic space: A study of the Queensland School for Travelling Show Children

Why should you be scientifically literate

From a Dialogue Full of Holes to a Sacred Conversation: The Notion of Language in Selected Works by Janice Kulyk Keefer

The important role of community colleges in undergraduate biology education

Ex libris-the book in contemporary art

A conversation about performative social science

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In the space behind his eyes: Donald R. Stuart: a biography

Amos, Tori

A reading course for Suzuki piano students

Fashion Mistakes. Dictionary of Literary Biography Volume 230: Australian Literature, 1788-1914 and Volume 260: Australian Writers, 1915-1950 by Selina

Marketing Transit Sustainability: SouthWest Transit Final Campaign Book

Michael Endes Unendliche Geschichte und ihre Übersetzungen ins Tschechische und Norwegische: eine Übersetzungskritik

Yes No

Rags to riches costume and makeup design

Who Turned the Filet Mignon into Chopped Meat

If I were you: perceptual illusion of body swapping

Coronary heart disease: overweight and obesity as risk factors

Calculating the future -panoramic sketching, reconnaissance drawing and the material trace of war

The optics of homiletics: Preaching as reframing of perspective

Christianity and Spirituality in the Christian Academy

In Conversation With Thomas Römer, The So-Called Deuteronomistic History: A Sociological, Historical And Literary Introduction (London: T. T. Clark, 2005

Design and geometry of face-gear drives

Working the Margins: Women in the Comic Book Industry

Language, violence, and Indian mis-education

A Critique of Charles Krafts Use/Misuse of Communication and Social Sciences in Biblical Interpretation and Missiological Formulation

Bottle Gourd (Lagenaria siceraria)-a vegetable for good health

Mission in the New Testament: An evangelical approach

Diophantine equation

Controller design for flexible, distributed parameter mechanical arms via combined state space and frequency domain techniques

Fractional powers of infinitesimal generators and the analyticity of the semi-groups generated by them

Majorization and matrix-monotone functions in wireless communications

Homogenization techniques and micromechanics. A survey and perspectives

Lectures on advanced numerical analysis

Developing study skills in a first year mathematics course

Collected essays

American cultural diplomacy, the cinema, and the Cold War in central Europe

American cultural diplomacy, the cinema, and the Cold War in central Europe

Prime Time

Romanticism, nature, and self-reflection in Rousseau s Reveries of a Solitary Walker

Review of particle physics

Aristotle s metaphysics

Aristotle s Metaphysics

Aristotle s metaphysics

Aristotle s metaphysics

Aristotle s metaphysics

Aristotle s metaphysics

Aristotle s Metaphysics

Aristotle s Metaphysics

Aristotle s Metaphysics

Aristotle s metaphysics

Medical Acupuncture in the Treatment of Chronic Stress-Related Illness

Breaking the Mold: Jim in Huck Finn

Historical aspects of propolis research in modern times


Characteristics and psychiatric symptoms of internet gaming disorder among adults using self-reported DSM-5 criteria

Creating action plans in a serious video game increases and maintains child fruit-vegetable intake: a randomized controlled trial

Book Review: Graphic Novels: A Guide to Comic Books, Manga, and More

History, Knowledge and Methods of Bookmaking

Admitting Their Worlds: Reflections of a Teacher/Researcher on the Self-Initiated Art Making of Children

Handmade paper: A review of its history, craft, and science

The King at Kaamelott

Worrying about emotions in history

Raising an Ebenezer: Archives as a Religious Means of Remembering

Digital reading spaces: How expert readers handle books, the Web and electronic paper

Reading God´ s will in the stars. Petrus Alfonsi and Raymond de Marseille defend the new Arabic Astrology

Holy Motherhood: Gender, dynasty and visual culture in the later middle ages

Art, education, work, and leisure: Tangles in the lifelong learning network

14.08. 06, Mooney and Stubbs, eds., Scribes and the City

Time and JRR Tolkien s Riddles in the Dark

Everyday Readers

The Peregrinations of Lugless Will : Deconstructing an Early Modern Travel Narrative

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Idiocy. Or, what oligophrenia tells us

Dismantling Paradigm Book Ta limul Muta allim

Beyond the Book project: artefacts and ephemera

Young bilingual children learning to read with dual language books

LibGuides: Horticulture and Gardening Research Guide: CBHL Literature Award Books

The Beats in Poetry and the Poetics in Rap: Learning the Elements of Poetry through Rap Lyrics and Applying Those Learned Elements to Poetry

How harmful is happiness

Visualizing Early American Captivity-Mapping and Graphing Narratives Published Between 1682-1800

Research is ceremony: Indigenous research methods

The Relevance of Dutch History, or: Much in Little? Reflections on the Practive of History in the Netherlands

The Relevance of Dutch History, or: Much in Little? Reflections on the Practive of History in the Netherlands

Элиминирование текстового пространства в ситуации коммуникативной (не) равноценности

Red-White Power Relations and Justice in the Courts of Seventeenth-Century New England

A Prey to Their Teeth: Puritan Sermons and Ministerial Writings on Indians During King Philip s War

Germs, Pigs and Silver: King Philip s War and the Deconstruction of the Middle Ground In New England

REVIEW ESSAY: Did Pennsylvania Have a Middle Ground? Examining INdian-White Relations on the Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania Frontier

Complexities and Challenges of Nonduality

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Building After Auschwitz: Jewish Architecture and Jewish Memory since the Holocaust

Building After Auschwitz: Jewish Architecture and Jewish Memory since the Holocaust

The craft reader

Fay Jones and his residential clients: communicating through the details

The historian s view

You dear old prima donna: The letters of Frank Lloyd Wright and Jens Jensen

To trace the shifting sands: Community, ritual, and the memorial landscape

The Tectonic Integration of Louis I. Kahn′ s Exeter Library

The architecture of artificial-gravity environments for long-duration space habitation


Rapid qualitative urinary tract infection pathogen identification by SeptiFast real-time PCR

High-resolution genotyping by amplicon melting analysis using LCGreen

Evolutionary parasitologythe integrated study of infections, immunology, ecology, and genetics

Igniting a revolution: Voices in defense of mother earth

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

Chateaubriand on the slingshot arguments

Modernity on a shoestring: Dimensions of globalization, consumption and development in Africa and beyond

Burial in the Swedish-Norwegian Battle Axe Culture: questioning the myth of homogeneity

The Cross and the Ecological Switchblade

Female sex pheromone of rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri, involved in courtship behaviour

Tall building structures: analysis and design

The role of analytical geomechanics in foundation engineering

Shaping structures

Offshore wind foundation design: some key issues

Use of in situ tests for foundation design on clay

Curriculum: Foundations, principles, and issues

Role of the calculated risk in earthwork and foundation engineering

Creating design knowledge: from research into practice

Role of the calculated risk in earthwork and foundation engineering

Role of the calculated risk in earthwork and foundation engineering

Role of the calculated risk in earthwork and foundation engineering

Key interiors since 1900

The Edinburgh international encyclopaedia of psychoanalysis

Not your father s Playboy, not your mother s feminist movement: feminism in a porn culture

An introduction to matrix concentration inequalities

Using Young Hoosier Book Award winners to teach language arts: a curricular guide for elementary teachers: an honors thesis (HONRS 499

Making the geologic now: Responses to material conditions of contemporary life

Who do you see that I am?: Global Perspectives on Jesus Films

Modernist Repositionings of Rousseau s Ideal Childhood: Place and Space in English Modernist Children s Literature and Its French Translations

A study on the American franchise enterprises globalization strategies and performance of Supercuts: Focused on Super cut

Alice in Wonderland

Using the indirect cohort design to estimate the effectiveness of the seven valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in England and Wales

パレスチナ被占領地における政治活動の発展: キャンプ・デーヴィッド合意 (1978 年) と揺れ動く地域情勢

It wasn t all bad : representations of working class cultures within social history museums and their impacts on audiences

John Wood; Scotland to NS, 1815: His Marriage to Margaret Cranston; Eckford, 1970. Modified Register Reports:[Part] A Wood,[Part] B Cranston

From Risk Communication to Participatory Radiation Risk Assessment

Automation outlook 2007

Revisiting the Reinhart-Rogoff Kerfuffle and the Consequences of High Government Debt

On qualitative differences in learning: I—Outcome and process

Essential oil contents and ethnopharmacological characteristics of some spices and herbal drugs traded in Turkey

Mary Hurlbut Cordier. Schoolwomen of the Prairies and Plains: Personal Narratives from Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska, 1860s-1920s. Albuquerque: The University of

Government by experiment? Global cities and the governing of climate change

Benjamin McCulloch

Supporting users in their pursuit and use of our e-books: Perspectives from one large academic library

Soil carbon storage estimation in a forested watershed using quantitative soil-landscape modeling

A Cumulative Bibliography of the Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR

Memory and History in Twentieth Century Australia

Throwing the Elephant: Zen and the Art of Managing Up

Tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors in the treatment of breast cancer in menopausal women: pharmacological and clinical aspects

A Common Ground: Communication and Alliance between Cataloguer and Curator for Improved Access to Rare Books and Special Collections

Farewells To Justice, God, Politics And The European Way

On the use of Coptic Numerals in Egypt in the 16th century

Legal aspects in dentistry

Travelers and Littérateurs at the Banks of the San Juan River: Intertextual Fluxion and the Desire for Universality (in Texts by Ephraim G. Squier, Mark Twain

Requiem for Regulators: The Passing of a Counter-Culture

Accessing audiences: visiting visitor books

Angels: a cultural trend of the 1990s

Underwater music: tuning composition to the sounds of science

Simon s motivation in solving his problems as the victim of a broken family as reflected in fine s flour babies

Flora of the South West

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